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The Ultimate Buyers Blueprint

The Ultimate Home Buyers Blueprint is a video overview of the home buying process. It's an overview, so not everything is covered in detail, but this gives a solid framework for the entire process of purchasing a home up to the first months of home ownership. 

Here's what's covered:

What should happen before you start looking at homes. Including selecting an agent, understanding the process, identifying your objectives, exploring financial options, and discovering the types of homes and neighborhoods you are after.
Looking at homes, selecting a home, neighborhood, & community, and the offer process.
What to do when you are under contract (in a due diligence or inspection period), solidifying the mortgage, preparing for the move, and pre-closing steps.
What to expect at the closing - finalizing the mortgage, the settlement statement, wiring funds, and possession.
Moving & Settling in - movers, utilities, initial projects, and filing exemption documents.
Maintaining your home - refer back to the inspection reports, create a capital budget, and prioritize improvements.

The Complete Ultimate Buyers Blueprint

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Only the initial overview of
The Ultimate Buyers Blueprint

The registration for the guide above is the same for both videos.  It's the same process, this shorter video is just the overview, while the longer video above goes through another level of detail.  If you watched this shorter video first, you can pick up about 19 minutes into the longer video above.  The first 19 minutes is identical.

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